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Free Private Parking / Abandoned Vehicle Removal

J&J Towing Services of Southeastern Wisconsin

J&J Towing provides an invaluable service. If you are a property owner, landlord, management company, etc. and have people that tend to park illegally in your parking lot or on your property, CALL US! We DO NOT CHARGE you, the property owner, a DIME! We will immediately remove a illegally parked, abandoned, or any vehicle that does not belong on your property immediately at no cost to you.

No Parking / Tow Away Zone

J&J Towing offers, delivers, and will install “Private Parking”, “Tow away”, “Customer Parking Only”, or similar signs at no expense to the property owner. Since the laws have Changed in Wisconsin, if you have your property posted properly and the signs are visible, you simply pick up the phone and call us and we remove the vehicles that do not belong on your property. It’s that simple. From there, the customer contacts J&J Towing and we deal with the rest. Call us today for your free signage.


Auto Towing Services Wisconsin


Auto Towing Services Wisconsin


Auto Towing Services Wisconsin

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